The Closing Ceremony

The Closing Ceremony


The finale to bring the festival to a close. (Host’s greetings, guests’ speeches, attractions, closing declaration of the festival, etc.). The ceremony is linked virtually to viewers from overseas and various locations within Okinawa, creating a sense of unity with the on-site participants.
The ceremony will be streamed live online.

The Closing Ceremony Program

1 17:00 The Opening of the Ceremony
2 17:05 Video Images
3 17:10 The Opening Address
4 17:15 Greetings from the Host
5 17:20 Greetings from the Overseas Participants Representative
6 17:25 Festival Theme Song
7 17:32 Greetings from the Guests
8 17:37 Greetings from the Next Generation Representative
9 17:42 Declaration by Youth Uchinanchu
10 17:47 Conveying the Declaration Message
11 17:52 Live Broadcast from Overseas/Various Locations within Okinawa
12 18:00 Special Attractions
Syuri No Uta
Eisa: Ryukyukoku Matsuri Daiko (Ryukyu Kingdom Festival Drums)
13 18:35 The Closing Address


The Grand Finale
1 18:56 MURASAKI
3 20:01 BEGIN
4 20:36 The Grand Finale
5 20:46 Fireworks



Rintarou Karimata
Kana Nagamine

Date and Time
Nov. 3 17:00〜21:00 Venue Opens:15:00
Okinawa Cellular Stadium Naha
How to participate
Free admission
Online Streaming Available

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